Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Oct 2010

My husband helped me make this page! :) He hates scrapbooking, but said he would do it with me today because I'd been sick. lol He said "ONLY 1 page!" hehehehe :) I really like the way it turned out. We didn't really have a plan when we started either... AGAIN it is from a few months ago. I just scrap what I want when the mood hits. I don't try to push myself to do a page right after the event happened.. Probably should, then I wouldn't be SOOO behind! haha  This is not the greatest pic, but you get the idea! :)


  1. It looks great. It was sweet of your hubby to help you out. Have you ever let Maddie help out with the scrapbooking?

  2. Yeah, she's helped a little. I don't let her do anything dangerous with sharp scissors or anything like that. She likes to push my Cricut's buttons and "help" as much as she can! hehe :)