Monday, January 17, 2011

A few layouts

Once again I'm scrapbooking pics from a couple years ago (2008). I am almost caught up until the 3 year pics and after! Here are 4 new layouts and one of my favorite layouts from that book. Sorry about some of the pics, I'm still not sure how to take good pics of layouts! lol 

 I can't believe how young she looks! :(

She loved bubble baths and still does!

 This is one of my favorite layouts from 2008. This heart is possibly from George, I'm not sure. I did this a while ago.

 This pic is actually from when she was 3 years old 

 Another angle of the same layout

This is from THIS YEAR!! I can hardly believe it either! LOL IF I were only this on the ball with all years... hahaha (Winter Frolic)

small one

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