Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 365

Ok, I have decided to do Project 356... I can't wait to see my year in pictures, IF it works out right. I've already missed a few days, but oh well. Better to miss a few days than a few months! haha
You will be seeing LOTS of Maddie pics, after all she is who I am around 90% of the time with my camera!
I'm going to post one pic from each day, up through today.... enjoy....
 Jan 1, 2011 nice quiet evening at home.

Jan. 2, 2011, talked hubby into scraping.

I missed the 3rd and 4th .. :(


 My 'haul' from HL 1/6/11 used my gift card.

 Not crazy about this pic of Maddie, but they wanted to be goofy. Kaylinn was over to play with Maddie- 1/7/11 Layndon came, too, but wasn't here when we were takin' pics.

I'll add more pics as the year goes by! :)
small one

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