Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Diapers don't cost 12k ....just sayin'

OH, MY GOSH!! I just read this article on Cafemom.com's the stir about IVF & IUI cost ( article ). The author of the article makes very valid points. Some of the comments on there were jaw dropping! For instance, "If you are low income you have no business having us pay for your fertility treatments. having a kid is a privilege, not a right." billsfan1104, and another from  angevil53 , "what's next? i need to make sure they have a car to get to their appointments too? and a nice luxury car at that i'll bet! having a child isn't a NEED, it's a want." Yes, because couples with fertility issues are asking YOU to buy them a CAR, a LUXURY car at that. No one said you should pay for the IVF. The article was simply saying the cost should be lower for more couples to be able to afford. Here is another one, "Cry me a river. If people can't pay a few thousand bucks to get pregnant, where is the money going to come from when Baby needs to be fed, clothed, educated, etc.? Need I even ask? IVF and alternative ways of getting pregnant are a luxury. There are cheaper adoption options. Consider them. Your genes aren't all that, hello," from Anon. OH, and BTW Anon., Adoption ISN'T Cheaper!

IVF costs upwards of $12,000 and the "cheaper" IUI can cost $1300+. No, insurance usually does not pay for these procedures. IF you are lucky the insurance may cover a TINY amount, but it is minimal. The procedures have been around for 30 or more years, and is FOUR times more expensive in the U.S. than other countries. 

In my opinion having a baby IS a right, it a basic human function. For those who have never experienced the heartache, pain, longing, feelings of worthlessness, etc., you really have no right commenting at all. You have NO IDEA how it feels. Just because you can LOOK at a guy a get pregnant does not make you "better" than me. (To those who agree with Billsfan.)

What if I said you have blue eyes, therefore you may not have a baby, live in "this house", or buy this product? That is not fair. So how is saying, "sorry your reproductive organs do not work correctly, therefore you can't have a baby" fair? It's not. How is it fair that I can't have a baby but yet there are thousands of teen moms who aren't ready? There are thousands of "young" moms that have multiple children that can't take care of them, or doesn't even know HOW to properly care for them. How is it fair that right down the road somewhere there is a mom with more than one kid, not providing for those kids, and the kids are barely healthy or rarely have clean diapers?! IF I could have a baby, my baby WOULD be well cared for and taken care of, without diaper rash! I can't afford IVF, but I can afford diapers. Diapers don't cost 12k for one use, that MIGHT work.... just sayin'. Am I harsh? Probably. Am I judgmental? More than likely. Am I bitter? You bet. Am I hurt? Absolutely! 

Saying that if you can't afford IVF you can't afford/ don't need or deserve a baby is ridiculous. You do not have to pay $12,000 in one minute for a baby. Just because I do not have that much money laying around does not mean I wouldn't make/ am not a good mom. I can afford diapers, formula, clothes, and anything else a baby would need or want. 

I do understand a portion of the thinking. More IVF's = more babies, which may mean more people needing assistance such as food stamps. I do not feel like people living off the government, not even trying to provide for themselves, should use/have the IVF option. For those of us who provide food, shelter, clothing, etc for ourselves and children, but can't afford $12k should be able to have assistance in attaining our dream. Or at least a little better chance of reaching it. Why should we, who abide by the laws, live on our own, & provide for ourselves not be able to have a baby? 

At least some people get it... "It's so sad to think that the option is there but unattainable to have children  when you cant do it with out help :( ",momof030404.  

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