Monday, January 17, 2011

P365 #3

**Just to reiterate (and apparently clear things up), Project 365 is to take (at least) one photo each day of the year. It does NOT mean you have to MAKE a project, nor does Project 365 mean that I am making projects/giving ideas of projects for you to make... Again, if you don't like my work, PLEASE move on! Thanks**

OK, ok, I know I'm horrible with this project! I really like the idea, I do. I am just too lazy! LOL There is also not much usually going on around here to photograph. Here are the newest photos of P365. :) 
Thanks for looking :)


 1/17/11- Maddie's new pants & a goofy smile!

How did I miss the 18th?! Idk. lol

 1/19/11 Snuggling with Daddy, making silly faces at Mommy. 

 1/20/11 Everything is covered in snow again!

 1/21/11 Tea for Two! 

small one


  1. I cant believe how long your daughters hair is! I am so bad at getting out the camera to take pics of PEOPLE, I can take pics of my projects but people... ehhh.. I even took MAJOR photography classes in college... makes me sad that I dont take more pics!

  2. I know, she loves it though! Even when we have to take 20 minutes to get a tangle out :( She doesn't want it cut. I'm not going to force her...

    I'm trying to to take more pictures of my scrap pages and other stuff. I am missing quite a few days though! oh well... lol