Thursday, February 3, 2011

P365- February

Ok, here are my pics for February! I think I already did February 1st, but here's another one...

2/1/11 Snow day- lots of Cricuting going on!!

  2/2/11 Birthday Hugs for Daddy! :)

 The giant snow drifts (this was one of the smaller ones believe it or not)!

 2/4/11 Freezing Green Bubbles! 

 2/5/11 Candy Bracelet we made

 Love ATC 2/6/11

 2/9/11 Tinker Bell LO

 2/13/11 Princess and the Frog box lol

 2/14/11 My V-day "gift" LOL

2/15/11 Enjoy the Ride LO

OK, apparently I'm a HUGE slacker.... oh well.
2/17/11 -A card for a challenge 

 2/18/11 - Maddie's hair cut

2/22/11 For a Garden Swap

 2/26/11 - Card for Maddie's friend 

small one


  1. Hi Misty...
    I just emailed you back!

    What is the love bug in the top photo? Creative Cutter Room ( I am a design team member for) Is having a love bug challenge, come check it out!

    Carri :)

  2. Carri, Thanks for e-mailing me back so fast! :)