Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dear Max...

This is a letter to one amazingly courageous SEVEN year old little boy. He battled Cancer; he fought very hard, but eventually it was too much for his little body. He never gave up hope or fighting... I met him on Facebook, of all places. I was asked to write on a "wall" of a med company that had the potential cure in their meds. At first they refused and everyone was irate. Eventually, not sure exactly why, but they decided to give him the experimental med. We all rejoiced and praised GOD! It seemed he was feeling better, but eventually the good feeling ended. He started to feel worse, he was loosing strength (I have no idea if the med caused this, I don't think it did). The decision was made to accept the fact that his fight on Earth was over....  God took him home on Thanksgiving day of 2010. Now there is one more angel fighting Cancer from Heaven. I hope my Aunt was there to welcome him and give him a huge hug. She gave THE BEST hugs....and also passed because of Cancer.

Dear Max,

I've been thinking of you today. The truth is you cross my mind a lot lately. Your courage, determination, and strength was inspiring to me, and many, many more. Especially towards the end. You were one AMAZING 7 year old little boy. Your life touched so many. More people are aware and Thankful because of you, Max.

I am so sorry to have "met" you because of Cancer. Cancer is horrible and unfair. Even at the very end, everyone could still see your spirit and courage. You never gave up. You were the sweetest little guy, with the cutest face.... 

Don't give up the fight, Max. Help your Mommy and Daddy touch more lives to find a cure for Childhood Cancer. I know your Mommy, Daddy & big sissy miss you VERY much each day.... more than words could express. 

Keep fighting Max, we are all behind you and love you!

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