Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some Glitter ornaments with Maddie!

Hello everyone, especially my THREE followers! :)

The other day Maddie and I made some of those glittery ornaments you see on YouTube and in stores all the time. They turned out really cute. Maddie had a BLAST making them. Hubby even commented on how good they looked! :) She wanted to make more, but we ran out of plain, clear bulbs. lol Instead of using the $6 bottle of floor cleaner I used Murphy's Oil soap ($2 at WM lol), I saw on YouTube someone used that. They smell really good, too! haha I haven't figured out what to do to "decorate" the outside. I don't want to leave it plain. I've seen people use Cricut vinyl, BUT I've never used it and am NERVOUS to mess it up!! Michelle @ Scrappin with my bug (  has a great video of how to make these ornaments with the vinyl. Anyway, suggestions would be great! Here are a few pics. 

BTW don't use the pretty iridescent looking ones, just use plain old clear. The others turn out odd after the glitter is added. It's like it causes a stripe all the way around the ball.... not cool. :( The look OK, just not as good as the other ones.

I went ahead and added some vinyl letters onto a green ornament for my daughter. I used Mickey Font and white indoor vinyl. The letters were cut at .75 in. I'm not sure I love it, but she does!

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  1. I have no tips on using vinyl or even a cricut, but I have a friend who uses vinyl on her cricut alot. Here is her blog, you might find some useful tips:

    She is very crafy.

    BTW...I love how the bulbs came out, especially the one with Maddie's name on it.