Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Too much, is too much...

Too much of one thing is just that, TOO MUCH.. Then again TOO much of many little things is TOO MUCH also...

If you read my last blog you know about my dad's kidney biopsy. Everything with the biopsy went well. He said the worse part was getting the IV put in! LOL He's not in much pain, just discomfort. No known results yet, and I sure none tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day here). Hopefully the results will hold the answers though.

How do you nicely tell people "No" or "Your getting on my nerves" or just simply, "Go away/Leave me alone" ?? I don't want to be rude, but I like my ME time. Time to sit in the silence, think about things, and do whatever I feel like doing without wondering what someone else is thinking. Just veg out in front of the TV, or mindlessly browse the internet...

My brother-in-law is staying with us to be close to his new baby. Messy story... The baby's mom lives down the road with her mom (the baby's grandma). A big issue/fight happened a few months ago and now my bil is "not allowed" at the baby's grandma's house. Then the grandma has the nerve to say he doesn't take care of the baby... How can he when he's banned from stepping foot in your house?! So he's here to be as close as possible to the baby. I don't mind him being here. I love him to death, but I do like to be alone more than having people around. lol Plus he took over on my dang TV to play PS3! hehe Maybe the grandma will open her eyes and at least let him be around the baby. 

The rest of my family is getting on my nerves!! I'm sure they don't mean it, but they say things that just get to me. Sometimes making me feel horrible about my self or what is going on. It seems to me nothing I do is ever "good enough" for anyone. I don't have money to run you all over town at your own whim. I do NOT want you picking out clothes to buy me because you think I "need them" or because you feel sorry that I only have 3 pairs of jeans. If it's just to make yourself look better, like you were nice enough to do something for me, don't bother. And so sorry that me NOT needing food stamps runs into YOUR Food plans! I haven't asked for a thing, not one cent of help, so don't sit and act like you feel sorry for me and I'm sooo bad off. I didn't ask for any help, so it's not your problem, don't worry, don't say things like "You never have extra money" or "You really need new clothes"... My clothing needs can wait. All I care about is that my daughter is taken care of! 

The cold weather is here (yay, not) and with that comes lots more pain and discomfort with my Fibro, RA, & OA. So fun being in pain 24/7 with no support and nobody "getting it".
So yeah, lots of little things are all adding up to make me one crazy, annoyed, feeling-like-an-old lady, lady.

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