Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My dad's kidney biopsy

I have a lot of my mind, but I really an not sure how to put it all into words. My dad is going to have a kidney biopsy later today. He will have to be at the hospital 5-6 hours or more. Since about September he's been swelling. One day my mom came home to him showing her his swollen feet and ankles. Through the weekend the swelling moved up his legs and thighs. He went to a few appointments and they tried a few different meds. They would work, then the swelling would start back up. The doctors did a test on his heart and everything looked great. The next stop was a the kidney specialist... He determined my dad has Nephrotic Syndrome, Vasculitis and Minimal Change Disease. All of this is large amounts of protien in the urine and kidneys, bad swelling from head to toe, Blood pressure issues, High Cholesterol, high Insulin levels, low Throid and low Vitamin D. It should be able to be treated by steroids and cancer drugs for about 3 months!
I'm not exactly sure what the kidney biopsy will prove. Hopefully the biopsy will show good results (which I am not even sure what that would be!). I'm hoping they figure out what the problem is and can fix it easily and with as little pain as possible. My prayers and love are with my dad! <3 
It's just really weird for me that my dad is sick. My dad is NEVER sick, hardly ever even has a cold!! I think that is part of the reason it's hard and weird.... 

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