Saturday, April 2, 2011

ATC holder

I made an ATC holder tonight. It turned out kinda cute. It's not as "professional" as I wanted... But it was my first one. I didn't even follow a pattern or anything, just made it up as I went along! :) lol I think I'll make another one and try to make it look a bit better, since I know a bit more now. I used clear, plastic Badge ID holders from WM. They were 12 for a little less than $2, not too bad, I guess. lol I like how you can see the whole ATC and they are protected from dirt and kid's fingers. 

I'll try to post some pics of my first one tomorrow and IF I make one that looks better! haha

Here is the one I've made. Haven't done a second one yet..... been busy. My cat wanted to help! lol

small one

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