Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day & MPS Challenges

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you all!!! I've had a pretty great day :) It started off kinda rocky/ not-so-good, but has improved GREATLY! My great Hubby & Daughter made me a card (With MY supplies!! I had to show hubby where things were! lol), it turned out really cute! :) I'll post pics later... Then they took me shopping and out to eat at a Hibachi Grill!! YUMMY!!! I got TWO new carts-- I think hubby was feeling guilty about the last couple years. lol I picked Kate's ABCs and Elegant Edges -- they are BOTH awesome! I can't wait to play...

For National Scrapbook Day, MPS, aka Robyn gave us a "few" challenges. We have until Monday to do them (12 all together!!). I did scrap 2 pages, I just have to figure out which challenge they fit into.... I got one page almost done and Maddie decided to write her name on it. :( I wasn't very happy, but we learned a lesson, & it can be fixed... SO, now I have to "finish" the pages. I'll also post pics of those... later. lol

Here are the LO's

small one

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